Dancing with Matt!

If you haven’t come across ‘Where the hell is Matt?’ videos, please watch Where the Hell is Matt 2012 and/or Where the Hell is Matt 2008 before reading further. It would probably be the best video that you will watch today!

So, Matt is doing a video for 2016 and travelling the world right now for it! I came across his Kickstarter project in December, and ever since I have been following his updates. Around the end of February, he posted his first travel plans in Europe – and Ireland was not in it! The nearest he was getting to Cork was either Liverpool or London on the weekend of March 12-13. But my sadness was short lived  when Ryanair came to my rescue, and I found a €20 flight to Liverpool and a €14 flight back from London to Cork! And coincidentally I also happened to have a UK visa right now. I guess I was very lucky! And decided to take the plunge as crazy as it sounded.

Although there was kind of a last minute change of venue from Liverpool to Leeds, it wasn’t a deal-breaker since I could hop on to a short train to Leeds, and add to the fact the I haven’t been to Leeds before! So, after a 7 hour journey from Cork to Leeds, it was a super fun session of ‘dancing’ with everyone at Kirkstall Abbey.

Ruins at Kirkstall Abbey

Ruins at Kirkstall Abbey

Long story short, I followed him dancing at different spots in Leeds and in London. The overwhelming feeling you get when watching people from all around the world dancing with happiness, is quite well matched by dancing happily at a random place with random people from all walks of life for no reason!

I would totally recommend keeping track of where he is heading next and try to go and take part in the fun! Here is a link to his Facebook page – Where the Heck is Matt Facebook page. And I can’t wait for the final video later this year!

More photos below!

Dancing at Kirkstall Abbey!

Dancing at Kirkstall Abbey! – Courtesy Matt Harding

Dancing at the Town Square in Leeds

Dancing at the Town Square in Leeds – Courtesy Matt Harding

Dancing at the Millennium bridge!

Dancing at the Millennium bridge! – Courtesy Matt Harding

Dancing at the Tower Bridge!

Dancing at the Tower Bridge! – Courtesy Matt Harding

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