Visa for Armenia – Check!

I have my Armenian visa! I must say I loved the procedure, because there it was literally the easiest visa procedure ever!

So, here’s what I did –

  1. The first thing I generally do is look up the Wikipedia page for the visa policy of the country I wish to travel to. This is the map for the visa policy of Armenia

    Visa policy map of Armenia

    Visa policy map of Armenia in September 2014

  2.  So, an Indian passport falls under the category – Visa available only at embassies/consulates. Going through the references in the Wikipedia page, I found that, even though this is the case, India (along with just a couple of countries of the same category) falls under a subcateogry – Inivitaion not required. This meant that I could directly apply to an embassy/consulate without needing some official invitation letter from someone in Armenia.
  3. The nearest embassy to where I live happened to be in London. So, I had a look at their website. Since I couldn’t find all the information that I wanted, I just gave them a quick call. I was pleasantly surprised to know that
    • I could send the documents by post to London! (That just reduces a lot of hassle for me! Otherwise I would have had to travel to London from Ireland. Sounds not too bad? NO! I would have to apply for a UK visa in order to travel to London to apply for an Armenian visa!)
    • I could pay the visa fee online, instead of trying to arrange for a bank draft or postal order or whatever, and which would need to be accepted in the UK, most probably in Pounds and not in Euro. And the visa fees was just £5!
    • The icing on the cake – I (almost) did not need to send any paperwork! The only documents I needed to send were my passport, a one page visa application form, a photo and the receipt of my fee payment online.
  4. So, I sent everything to London and got my passport back with the visa stamped – all in just 5 days!


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